Our Story

Winkel NepalHimalayan provides you with organic, fairtrade and uniquely designed bags from Nepal. All our products are high quality and made of organic fabrics like hemp, allo and organic cotton. These fabrics are locally produced in the mountain areas of Nepal and extracted using traditional and 100% natural processes. After the intensive harvesting, collecting and processing in little mountain villages is done, the materials are sent to our factory in Pokhara. Here, our bags are put together with much love and care to be shipped to the rest of the world.

Our craftswomen receive a fair reward for their efforts, moreover they are affiliated to the Micro-Enterprise Development Programme. This program is a cooperation between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the government of Nepal with its main goal to reduce poverty in rural mountain areas of Nepal. Mostly women from a very poor background were helped to create their own micro enterprises to improve their living conditions and provide for their families. The participants received financial support, they were trained to produce high quality products and also they got access to machines to produce more efficiently. Practically all means were provided to improve their situation. The program has turned out to be fruitful as there are many successful micro-enterprises now scattered across the rural areas of Nepal.

Nowadays the makers of our HIMALAYAN backpacks are able to earn an independent income with their fantastic products. With the coming of the internet they have a much larger market at their disposal so that people from the other side of the world can also buy their handicrafts. New doors have opened and now also you can enjoy their uniquely crafted products. In our webshop you’ll not only find a beautiful backpack that is colourful and eco-friendly, but also contribute to this outstanding initiative and help to sustain the local communities in Nepal.