Fairtrade Hemp Bags since 2016

Uniquely designed & Fairtrade Bags from Nepal. We use organic fabrics such as hemp, allo (nettles) and organic cotton in our products. These materials are produced locally in the mountain areas of Nepal and extracted with traditional and 100% natural processes. Our bags are made by hand and are put together with much love and care.

A look at our factory

Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP)

Our craftswomen receive a fair reward for their efforts, moreover they are members of the Micro-Enterprise Development Program. This program is a collaboration between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Nepalese government with the main aim of reducing poverty in rural areas of Nepal. Especially women from underprivileged backgrounds were given the opportunity to set up their own micro-enterprises to improve the living conditions of their families. Through MEDEP, our professionals are trained to produce materials and end products that meet western standards. They received tools for more efficient production, subsidies and facilitation in the promotion of their products. All resources were provided to improve their situation. The program ended in 2018, but our craftsmen are still going strong and will continue to make our beautiful crafts. At present, our products come from more than 18 MEDEP artisans in the northern mountain regions of Nepal.
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Team behind HIMALAYAN